“Expansion and rebuilding Al-Salt/Al-Ardah Road project in Jordan”

“Expansion and rebuilding Al-Salt/Al-Ardah Road project in Jordan”

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This vital strategic project, funded by the Chinese government, is an important part of a series of China-funded projects under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. The project involves the expansion and rehabilitation of the 12.5-kilometers-long four-lane road Al Salt / Al Ardah Road. It stretches from the Al Subaihi intersection to the Al Ardah intersection and will connect Amman with both the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley agricultural regions, and will enhance the tourism movement and investment climate; which will have a positive impact on the economic wheel as a whole.

The work includes the construction and improvement of rainwater drainage ferries, the necessary protection works and retaining walls, in addition to all public safety works such as traffic safety signs and requirements, and lighting works according to the highest international engineering standards.

CCG appreciates the efforts of Eng. Christy Dabour/Director of the Supervision Department, and Engineer Walid Ashrak Laban/ Project Manager, and all the efforts of the team.

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