Saudi Arabia's net zero target and CCG's work with Green Riyadh, in support of Vision 2030.

Saudi Arabia's net zero target and CCG's work with Green Riyadh, in support of Vision 2030.

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We are pleased to see that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced a “net zero” carbon emissions target!

This commitment to a carbon-neutral future was made at the Saudi Green Initiative in Riyadh and includes goals to increase the efficiency of energy production and use, and increase investments into newer, cleaner energy sources.

The first phase involves a plan to plant 10 billion trees in the Kingdom over the coming decades, with 450 million planted by 2030. 8 million hectares of degraded land will be rehabilitated, and new protected areas will be designated, taking the total of protected land in the country up to 20%.

CCG is proud to be supervising multiple projects within the Green Riyadh initiative, in support of Vision 2030 and the city of Riyadh's green regeneration that will help to transform Riyadh into a sustainable city.

We hope that other countries in the region will follow this leadership in adopting sustainable approaches, green initiatives and net zero targets, and we hope to be able to support more of these aspirational projects and goals.

“As the senior project manager for this supervision project, the first of CCG’s planting & landscaping projects with “Green Riyadh” I would like to mention that this is a great opportunity for my team to be part of this mega green project that is a key element of the kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Our team has been supervising three projects, each assigned to independent contractors and each involving the planting of native trees around the capital city of Riyadh.

CCG's supervision team is committed to applying high standards of QA/QC supervision and inspections practices, adopting a "positive engagement" work attitude, gaining client trust through solving project challenges and providing great assurance through implementing project designs and specifications in time and within budget."

 – Jafar Ayesh, Senior Project Manager

1.   Shayb Ghudwanah Park

These photos show the progress of the greening and landscaping project for Shayb Ghudwanah Park, part of the Green Riyadh initiative, executed by Advanced Construction Company and supervised by CCG. This project supports the goal to increase the amount of green spaces in the capital, by planting trees around all of Riyadh’s landmarks and facilities. These green spaces will be supported by irrigation systems that use recycled water.

This project will help to improve the air quality and lower the temperature in Riyadh. As a result, this will help to achieve another key goal of Vision 2030: to encourage Riyadh’s citizens to adopt healthier lifestyles.


2.      Planting trees along King Salman Road and King Khalid Road

These photos show the planting work taking place throughout all empty plots along both King Salman and King Khalid roads.

This project involves planting in over 6 empty plots around the site area. This helps to achieve the goals of improving biological diversity in the area and improving air quality by reducing CO2 concentration. This also helps to reduce dust concentration in the air and improve Riyadh’s urban landscape.

This project is led by Nabatat Contracting Co, who is managing the construction, while CCG is managing supervision.


3.      Airport Wadi Plantation

In these photos we can see the current progress of the airport road greening and landscaping works, involving the planting of native trees in the airport wadis north and south of King Salman Road.

Divided into 4 zones in order to optimize management and control, the project will involve the plantation of 7404 trees across a stretch of 8km along the center and sides of the airport road.

Nesma Trading Company is constructing the project, while CCG is supervising its implementation. The works include site preparation, earthworks, planting and removal of existing utilities.

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