“Early on in the era of environmental awareness, we reassessed the way design, construct and operate any development project including master and urban plans, infrastructures, as well as residential, commercial, industrial, business and public buildings and complexes. We evolved our approach to become environmental advocates and trendsetters for green engineering and construction standards in the region”

Environmental Studies and Planning

We recognize that every decision we make today, particularly in ecologically and socially sensitive or resource rich areas, directly impacts tomorrow. This is exactly why we are dedicated to drafting, outstanding environmental and social management solutions and plans that are effective, practical, appropriate and compliant with specific local, regional and international regulatory requirements and best practices in the face of global climate change and strains on traditional energy sources. Starting from initial environmental impact studies through to area usage upon occupation, our Environmental Team focuses on sustainability and conservation by looking at how to preserve and also improve the current state of the natural and social surroundings of a project, with each step being measured in its realistic sustainability and implemented with long term goals in mind.

To enhance social conditions, we provide stakeholder communication, consultation and engagement plans, in addition to training and awareness programs for varied purposes and target groups. We also facilitate and moderate several focus groups, discussion groups and workshops, in addition to training programs at local, national regional and global events.


Economic and Feasibility Studies

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