Wadi Shallaleh


Water Authority of Jordan



Start Date:

September, 2009



End Date:

April, 2013

Project Description

A review and update of the wastewater collection and treatment process, with full design, site locations, and alternatives for the treatment plant and pumping stations.

The project included an extended aeration system with 510km of sewer networks and house connections, 54km of trunk sewers, the treatment plant with lifting and pumping stations and the effluent reuse conveyor to North Jordan Valley. 

The project will serve 11 communities totalling at around 240,000 inhabitants by 2025, and the capacity of the treatment plant will be 22,000m3 per day.

Services Provided
  • Design and supervision of construction in Joint Venture with Fichtner, B&V & PFI /IP.
  • The data collection.
  • Review the Relevant Studies.
  • Preparation of the system alternatives and the selection of the best alternative.
  • Preparation of GIS maps.
  • The Final Design and tTnder Document of the Sewer Networks, Trunk lines, Pumping stations, Reuse Equalization Basin, the Structural and Electro- Mechanical Design of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Next Project

Al Takhassusi Complex

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