Erbil Ring Road


Ministry of Municipalities & Tourism of the (KRG)/ Erbil Municipality





Project Description

Engineering Studies and Detailed designs & Preparation of Contract Documents for a Ring Road around Erbil city. The Ring Road is approximately 70 Km long with a (150m) ROW8-lanes divided road, it includes 5 main intersections namely:

•Kirkuk Intersection

•Makhmur Intersection

•Al-Mosel Intersection

•Koysinjaq Intersection

•Shaqlawa Intersection


Landscape Preliminary Concept Design

During the creation of the landscape master plan, it is very important to generate a unique character for each interchange. It is of fundamental importance that the landscape design will respect the original geo-morphology of the site avoiding any contamination with foreign elements. The majority of the landscaped areas will contain all of the main design ingredients, namely; rows of trees, shrub areas, pond, plus colored gravel and pebble stone. Avenues of trees will line both side of the primary roads, planted into large tree grilles within the paving or into grass or ground cover planted verges and medians.

The guiding principle is that the landscape strategy should reinforce the spatial organization in the following ways:

•Improve legibility and visual coherence throughout the Master plan.

•Improve entrances and gateways to existing communities.

•Preserve significant sight - lines and views to important buildings and landmark features throughout the Master plan.

Services Provided
  • Engineering Studies
  • Detailed Designs
  • Topographic Survey
  • Geotechnical / Geological Study
  • Traffic Study & Surveys
  • Preparation of Contract Documents
  • Landscaping
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