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Project Description

Located in one of  the most vivid venues in Amman, the project had to adapt its design in relationship to its surroundings, whether it was functions and the architectural language adopted, or the connectivity and circulation elements introduced to link the project to its context and create potential partnerships with other projects such as Taj Mall.   The relationship between buildings and how they transformed from masses to platforms connected through bridges and landscape, will be discussed further more as we go through the design process, as well as the facade and building orientation in reference to slope and sun orientation. The platforms/masses were located to ensure efficiency, and a well balanced cut& fill relationship.
The massing was inspired from the site’s typography and contour lines. It was perceived as subtractions in the rocklike structure of the site’s layers, resulting with two main separate masses connected to the remaining of the site, with an architectural promenade connecting the projects parts, and allowing light, ventilation and vivid spaces to fill the subtractions. Such treatment achieved maximum connection with surrounding streets, while maintaining te feel of the sharp slope and steep edges of the site
Façade orientation was also responsive to the sun’s orientation, providing natural lighting to most of the spaces whether indoor or outdoor. Connection between masses and adjacent projects (Taj mall) was conducted through bridges and indoor arcades and shared spaces.   Such a design strategy developed a project that fulfills clients demands, responsive to context and respective to it, and sustainable in terms of natural lighting and ventilation, without missing out on the aesthetical dimension of the design and its prestigious understanding of modernity.  
The articulation of the two main masses continued to develop in order to transform them into vivid human friendly spaces. The masses contained plazas within, varying with the percentage of shaded and covered areas, all depending on the spaces created and their functionality and accessibility.

Services Provided
  • Concept Design
  • Land Area
    15,333 SQM

  • Project Area
    58,530 SQM (Underground parking included)

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