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Project Description

With a total built-up area of 4,465 m², the new Canadian Chancery building in Amman includes a number of facilities in accordance with the design program, quality requirements and performance criteria of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade - Canada (DFAIT). Located on the vibrant Zahran Street in the heart of Jordan's capital city, the project site (plot area: 6,022 m²) includes the main Chancery building as well as a number of peripheral buildings for security screening, visitor entrance and security check and electrical services. The planning process for these facilities in addition to the spaces and services of the Main Building followed a strict organizational structure and circulation network that were developed by the design team based on DFAIT's planning and security requirements. The site features landscaped areas to enhance the outdoor experience and aesthetic of the project, including a dedicated area for outdoor events and rich planted areas with native or adaptive species to provide necessary shading. Employee and VIP visitor parking is provided onsite with a total number of 30 parking spaces.

The main building comprises of 4 floors (including 1 basement) with a total area of 3,945 m². The basement is dedicated for services and storage facilities while all the offices are located on the ground, first and second floors. The ground floor contains both Consular and Immigration services and offices whilst all the other departments are distributed throughout the building, with meeting facilities provided on each floor. In addition, the building includes a multipurpose hall, cafeteria and library, all of which have been designed to the highest standards for indoor environmental quality. The entire building is designed to be wheelchair accessible in compliance with both Jordanian and Canadian codes.

The design maintains a high level of security and provisions for such are incorporated in the space program and specification of materials and building systems, including HVAC, lighting, telecommunications and IT systems. Clad in stone with a reinforced concrete structure, the building is designed to be both blast and earthquake resistant in accordance with Jordanian, International and Canadian Structural Codes. Furthermore, strategies to enhance energy efficiency and performance of the building have been taken into consideration, including an energy efficient building envelope, high performance glazing, energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems.


Services Provided
  • Full Design Services
  • Interior Design Services
  • Landscape Design and Supervision 

Built up area: 4,465 m2

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