Al-Batinah Coastal Road


Supreme Committee for Town Planning (SCTP)





Project Description

The proposed Batinah coastal Road is Located at the north part of Sultanate Oman in Al-Batinah region between Muscat and the Al-Batinah road starts about 700m from Naseem Garden near Barka roundabout and terminates at the border of khatmat Malaha. The total length of the road is 240 km. In addition to 100km link roads connecting the existing highway with proposed Batinah a coastal road, the project also includes dual carriageway, 2-Lane service roads running on both sides of the highway.

The proposed highway comprises of 4-Lane divided highway. Most of the road is located parallel to the coast, and crosses many built up areas and bypasses the naval base, sea ports jetties and other areas of strategic or national importance.The start and end project points are proposed to be full cloverleaf interchange, and all other junctions have been designed as round - about and flyovers.The road also contains significant number of wadi bridges, culverts, in addition to sea protection works, street lighting and road furniture.

Services Provided
  • Monitoring the Performance of the Supervision Consultant in Controlling the Project Construction.
  • Coordination and Monitoring the Progress of Work.
  • Design Review, Study, Check and Asses the Consulting Engineers' Design and Proposed Improvements to the Design.
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