Al Amerat Public Park


Muscat Municipality





Project Description

Al Amerat public park is located in the Al Amerat province in southern Muscat, the capital of Oman. The project covers an area of 640000 m2 (640 hectares), owned by the Municipality of Muscat.

Al-Amerat Park served as the new venue for Muscat Festival that showcases Oman's rich cultural traditions, history and heritage. It will house a variety  of recreational, cultural educational and services functions and activities, such as Amphitheatre for 1000 persons, Heritage village, Global village, educational gardens, Jogging track, Civic plazas and playgrounds.

The vision for Al Amerat Park project is to create landscape architectural solution that will revitalize, invigorate and engage the surrounding urban context and environment.

This will be achieved through the design of a series of high quality permeable and interconnected open spaces that exploit the local environmental character and are inherently responsive to its specific program or use and the contextual environment.

Services Provided
  • Concept Design
  • Landscape Master Plan 
  • Architectural Design 
  • Design of Infrastructure Utilities Networks
  • 640 Hectares
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