Al Ahsa Strip Mall


Dar Al Tanmiyat Development Company


Saudi Arabia



Project Description

From the architectural heritage of Saudi Arabia, the triangle has been identified as its acute element inspiring simple yet characterful buildings.

The triangle’s flexibility comes from the fact that no matter how playful the angles are, the shape will always conserve its identity, a triangle of three planes with a total of 180 degrees angles. Perceiving a square with its 90 degrees angles, yet encountering the bold 45s of the triangles creates a unique walking experience through the projects retails and boulevard.  

A box from the outside, triangles from the inside, the dynamic landscape that is defined by planes and columns and is in juxtaposition to the masses,  and the manipulation of light, shade and shadow, creates spaces and places that are always perceived differently depending on where you stand in the project.  This articulation generated  two main zones as follows:
(1) The main anchor tenant for entertainment along with its services
(2) Retail shops on both ground and mezzanine floors.

Services Provided
  • Full Architecture and Engineering Design Services
  • Soft/Hard Landscape
  • Tender documents   
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