Architecture Design

Our architectural departments are made up of skilled teams, including leaders and future leaders for each style of architecture. Our process begins with understanding - we study the area and analyze the environment, ecosystem, landscape and surroundings. Whether working in urban or rural settings, our designs are always functional and sustainable, with cutting edge technologies used to provide world-class projects and high-quality solutions for our clients.


Urban Design

Over the years, we have attained a unique skill set of technological understanding, expertise, and capabilities in the field of Urban Planning.

Our expert team of designers and planners create sophisticated master plans designed to bring new life to existing neighborhoods, business districts and communities.

Through our experience and extensive knowledge along with our drive to grow, develop and achieve, we have successfully developed projects in the Middle East, Arab Gulf, North Africa and Central Asia.


Healthcare & Medical Facilities

As the strongest player in the medical and healthcare field, our knowledge and experience is unrivalled when it comes to creating and executing high-standard medical facilities. Our designs consider internationally recognized standards for healthcare planning as well as LEED standards and advice from Green Building specialists. We are proud of our work in this industry over the past several years. Our research, planning, technology usage, and concepts come together to deliver top quality patient-centered care facilities.


Hospitality & Tourism

Being from a region so rich in culture, heritage and history, we understand and value the importance of tourism and preservation. Through our many years of environmental analysis and design work, we have attained the knowledge to cater for all types of tourism, from hotels and historical heritage sites, to religious monuments or recreational attractions. Our experts work with clients to provide design solutions for the entire experience, from the interior decor to the intended overall ambience.


Interior Design

Our interior designs start with a welcoming approach in mind. No matter the room, hallway or building, there is always space for a well planned fit-out to create a unique experience. Our experts explore singular styles and integrated architectural compositions, and analyze how the exterior can complement the interior. The result will be visually pleasing yet functional and tailored to suit the individuals that will inhabit the space. Whether for work, living, or leisure, our team will work alongside the client to curate a visionary masterpiece.


Landscape Architecture

Skyscrapers, buildings, compounds, villas - these human creations are all connected with one thing: the outside. The space between each of these is an open area that completes the design. Whether a standalone garden, a park, a building's landscape, or a space to bring to life a commercial or recreational site, our teams work together to create a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing masterpiece. Through Environmental Impact Studies, we ensure that we protect the site's sensitive eco-systems.


Green Building & Sustainability

Our homes span beyond just the space we inhabit in a building. Our home encompasses the land beneath it, the air above it and the area around it. Green buildings create sustainable spaces in a number of our projects, to ensure healthier conditions for both the project and its occupants. Our dedicated team conducts studies and utilizes green building philosophies to design projects that protect the site's residents, flora and fauna.

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