Urban & Regional Planning

Our urban and regional planning team develops plans and programs that will optimize use of land. We will analyze how to use different plots to bring a balance in "territorial integration," ensuring a solid basis for natural and socioeconomic systems. Our planners understand that these development plans play an integral role in the creation of communities built to accommodate population growth, and they will lend guidance for the future development of the area.


Master Planning

Our dynamic master plans set the pace for future growth. Over the years, we have attained the skill-set and technological expertise to create our Urban Planning Center. We have had the opportunity to develop master plans across the Middle East, Arab Gulf, North Africa and Central Asia. Our methods have been fine-tuned so we can manage large-scale master planning projects to the highest standards, from city centers, to suburban segments and so much more.


Urban Management Studies & Services

Our team embraces a multidisciplinary approach to tackling the complexity of urban management. Our process brings together the design and its development, while considering the air, water, and infrastructure that will pass through the urban areas, including communication, transportation and more. We work to create and implement urban plans that are both sustainable and efficient.


Urban Regeneration & Conservation Planning

Our urban regenerations modernize, uplift and bring new life to declining areas. We deploy state-of-the-art technologies and in-depth research and analysis of a project's environment to ensure we utilize the best methods. Our extensive experience and outstanding track record help us to recreate a modern, healthy space that will energize the area.

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