Bulgari Villa


MIMC, BEAD Architects and Engineers


Hospitality & Leisure


UAE - Dubai


MIMC, BEAD Architects and Engineers

Period of Services


Project Description

CCG provided the soft and hard landscaping design services for the green areas and outdoor spaces of Bulgari Island. The landscaping design combines elements of art and science to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing extension from the indoors to the outdoors. 
The sustainable, vibrant and multi-functional outdoor space will maintain balance between the needs of all users, with landscaping that is harmonic, organic, blends with nature and features symbolism throughout as a key design concept. 
The symbols used include the seahorse, believed to signify good fortune, strength and power, the ancient Chinese Yin Yang symbol that teaches us to embrace life's ups and downs, and fruits such as apples, pomegranates and orange trees, thought to bring longevity, wealth and prosperity.

Services Provided
  • Landscape design

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